We designed the APP to only tackle the sharing of photos.
That’s it !

How does it work?

Lightning fast

Photo taking is optimized and fast.

3 clicks to take a picture, identify the child, and publish.

In less than 10 seconds, the photos are transmitted to the delight of parents.

Image rights: the most important!

Only children whose parents have authorized the transfer of image rights can be identified on a photo to be published.

Otherwise, the child appears in red and the application simply does not allow you to post the photo!

Safely đŸ™‚

Data management and digital traces: Easy!

Photos are taken directly into the Pimpampoum application. We thus avoid physical storage on the device gallery;

After 30 days, the photos are automatically deleted from the server (s) that host the Pimpampoum application.

Accessible to everybody !

iOS & Android

 Mobile & Tablet

5 languages


We are very much connected to the users

We release new features regularly!

  • Shooting & publication
  • Import photos
  • Image rights (identification of children)
  • Roles Children, Parents, Staff, Manager
  • Administration for managers (adding / modifying users)
  • Access to usage statistics